About me

I’m Drew and I’ve been a geeky, nerdy guy my entire life. Often times I obsess over trivial things like organization and consistency. Other times I become so absorbed in a project that I don’t even realize how late it has become. Some projects go smoothly, but some involve a series of mistakes before any real progress is made.

I enjoy taking on new challenges and pushing myself to figure out what’s next. Sometimes these challenge involve figuring out a new method to track my dog other times they are just figuring out how to best manage my projects. I feel that without challenge and change life just is not as enjoyable as it could be.

What I do

I program, I build, I design, I tinker….sometime with mistakes along the way, but also with a great finished product. Each week I enjoy taking on a new challenge and figure out a new way to do something. Sometime it’s developing an app to help save money. Other times it’s just some new software/workflow to help develop a new habit.

I hope to help identify and demonstrate some of the work that I do. Some are better than others, but always learning and always challenging.

Get in touch

Want to challenge me with something or ask me a question with how I did something? Shoot me an email and I’d love to share what I’ve learned.

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